Monday, 29 June 2015

Moving to another country

We all have that dream, in some point of our lives, to move to another country... or at least to be able to travel around the world. Who wouldn't like the idea of starting a new life?

The first time I travelled to the UK, I was only seven years old. It was a family trip, I'm pretty sure I enjoyed it, but I was so little that I didn't absorb all the beauty London has to offer. By the time I was thirteen, I went on my first adventure: I travelled to the UK again, for three years in a row, stayed two weeks each year in a summer course. This was the moment I fell in love with this country and I decided that this would be where I wanted to spend my days, my life. I met so many people, so many cultures, so many cities! I have to admit, London wasn't my first love, Cheltenham was (I am eager for the possibility of going there, even if it is just visiting!).
After one month in this beautiful country, I can see why it is so difficult to leave all behind. We never start over, that's just a mere illusion. And I have to admit, not all days are easy. Even though I have my sister and my boyfriend here, I miss Portugal a lot, more than I ever imagined. I miss my family, my friends, my dog... I miss waking up in my bedroom, I miss eating the typical dishes of my city, I miss living two minutes from the beach. I even miss college.
Moving to another country is a lonely and difficult process. Fortunately we have internet nowadays, we have skype, so it's easier to keep the heart a little warm. Still, it's complicated to abandon everything we knew, even if moving to another country is a life time dream. I don't have my closest friends with me, so I can't meet up with them whenever I feel the need. I can't have a simple meal with my parents because we are all far away. I can't cook some typical dishes because not all the ingredients exist here (and it is definitely not the same!). What's really hard for me is not having my own place. I'm still living with my sister and even though she is family, this isn't my home, it's hers and her boyfriend's home. I don't have a place where I can feel truly comfortable, with all my things. I still don't have my home, sweet home. I am really thankful for the privacy sacrifices they are making so I have where to live, but we all need our space, and I feel really bad for stealing that from them. 
Not everything is bad, of course. It's always fun to meet new people, to visit new places. Don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely adoring living here, but it's safe to say that you really need to have an adventurous spirit and willingness to change your whole life when it comes to these decisions. My advice to everyone who plans on moving is to make a list of pros and cons, if that's what you really want and if you're willing to leave all behind and endure it. I know people who moved back to their native countries because it was too hard for them to be apart from their families and friends.
I really needed to take this out of my chest and writing is the best way for me. To sum up, here is a portuguese word that sums up everything that I feel since I moved: saudade.

Stay strong!  ♥