Friday, 24 July 2015

What's on my Phone? Tag

Hello everyone!

Besides Hauls, make up room/house tours, "what's in my purse" videos, I always liked to see what apps the youtubers that I follow use the most. It's a great way to discover new apps and, well, I am a curious person.
So I decided to do a "what's in my cellphone" photo report. I tried to do a video, but since I don't have a good camera, I tried to record it with my iPad... and I failed miserably. Youtube videos are definitely not for me. And what better way to do this? Taking screenshots!

My phone is an iPhone 4S (nope, not rich). It only has 8GB of memory, which is not that much, but I only use my phone for the apps and to make calls/send texts.
When I turn on my iPhone, the main screensaver in a photo of me and my boyfriend. If you read the About Me page, you will know that I decided to keep my identity anonymous, so for privacy reasons I decided that I wouldn't post that print screen. I tried to blur, but it would still be visible. Moving on, when I unlock my iPhone, the wallpaper is this beautiful skull. I absolutely love skulls, especially the ones decorated with roses.
I won't go around every single app I have on my iPhone, I'll just show you the ones I use the most. For example, the ones that are in the Extras folder are the ones that I rarely use... or don't use at all, but can't delete because they came with the phone.
Let's go by order!

Alarm - My best and worst friend. And you might not believe it, but I only set one alarm to wake up (ok, I click in the snooze button sometimes...)!

The Weather Channel - I could use the one that comes with the phone, but I don't really like it. I like this one because it's very accurate and interactive! As you can see, the weather wasn't that great today.

Instagram - I usually have my personal account on, I don't use the blog instagram that much, but I wanted to show you anyway. I post mostly food photos and print screens of my blog whenever I post something new.

Whatsapp - This is the best way for me to connect with my friends and family. I also use Messenger and Skype, but this is the one I use the most. And yes, the background is a skull with flowers... again.

Twitter - If you follow me on twitter, you can see that whenever I tweet something, it's because it's monday (or MOONday!!) and Teen Wolf is on. Otherwise, most of the tweets are sent from my blog or instagram automatically. But I do rant about things from time to time.

Snapchat - I don't have a blog account for Snapchat, and I have to be honest, I don't use this app that much. Only when someone sends me something, then I reply... sometimes. I might create one someday. Who knows?!

UK Folder - This folder contains the apps that I use mostly every day. Costa for discounts, Tube Map so I can see the London transports map offline, Lloyds to manage my bank account and Citymapper so I don't get lost and schedule my trips by time and place (I'm obsessed with this app).

Youtube - Okay, I admit, I don't use it that much on my phone. I use my iPad whenever I want to watch something. But when I don't have my iPad around, the iPhone comes to rescue.

Layout - The name says it all, it creates layouts. Only that. But I quite like it! It's really simple, fast to use and you can adjust the way you want the photos to display.

Pinterest - I am addicted to this app! I often spend hours browsing every categories, and I even created boards to be more organised!

Bloglovin' - I really like this app, I can follow my favourite bloggers and never miss a post!

Facebook Page - I use facebook for my personal account and this one... well, I honestly don't know why I have it on my phone. The only post there are the ones from the blog, twitter, instagram, and not a single like. But if you want to give some meaning to it, you can always like my Facebook page *wink wink*.

In my daily life, I also use Dropbox to store the photos I take with my phone, Womanlog to control the fact that I am a woman,  LinkedIn for job search, and Spotify to listen to my playlists.

This is what I have on my phone. What about you, what are the apps that you use the most?

I hope you have a lovely day! ♥