Friday, 24 April 2015

Long distance relationships - Five tips for the first days

Hi everyone!
I'm sorry for my absence, but some things happened this last weeks and I've been focused on that. My boyfriend moved to England last Wednesday and it's been quite difficult to cope with all of this. Even though I am moving too in 20th of may, I'm not used to being apart from him for this long. The longest we've been without each other was two days! I am a very sensitive person, so this has been quite hard. One month without him seems like eternity.
For all of those who are in a long distance relationship, a big hug to all of you. I imagine how painful it can be sometimes, and I know there are people in this situations who have to endure long periods of time without seeing their loved ones!
I can't consider my relationship a long distance one, so I will try to give some tips I found useful about the first days being apart.

 photo expressyourfeelings_zpsdj2mhtl0.jpg
I believe this is the most important one. You should always say how you feel, but in these situations, expressing your soul gives strength. I wrote a letter and gave it to my boyfriend with a photo of us, so he could read when he was on the air plane and I wrote how much I loved him and admired him for going on this journey alone. We Skype and text each other everyday and I always tell him how I feel about him.

 photo Skype_zpsdg0xgysh.jpg
Thank God for internet. Distance is hard, but Skype helps to settle a worried heart. You can see the other person, and I believe this is fundamental on the first days. You are always worried if your loved one is ok, if he's eating well... the list is endless. 

 photo trusteachother_zpsdg8i0om9.jpg
For someone who is initiating a long distance relationship, I think all the doubts come to mind. If your love is strong, you will overcome every barrier, but you have to trust each other for the relationship to work.

 photo keepyourmindbusy_zps8xvwwizr.jpg
The first days are always hard. Time seems to stop. You get so sad that you don't even feel like doing anything. Go out with your friends, go for a walk, do everything you can to keep you mind busy, so time goes by faster.

 photo countdown_zps6hmwxf2a.jpg
This is what makes me happy, to know that one more day apart from him is one day closer to being with him. Hold on to that. Believe me, you will get anxious, but also happy.

Have a lovely day! ♥